Wider street improvements


Wider street improvements

Lambeth has identified the following locations where improvements are required in and around the Oval LTN.

  1. Lansdowne Way – Lambeth will be implementing bollards along certain sections of Lansdowne Way to deter vehicles from mounting the pavement as well as upgrading the single yellows outside Spencer Mews to double yellows to maintain resident access.
  2. Stockwell Terrace – Lambeth will be implementing a traffic filter at the eastern end of Stockwell Terrace to prohibit through traffic, however exempt vehicles (including residents of Stockwell Terrace) will be allowed through
  3. St Stephen’s Terrace –Lambeth will be looking at measures to reduce vehicle speeds and deter vehicles from using St Stephen’s Terrace
  4. Mursell Estate – Lambeth will be working with local residents to identify traffic issues that have come to light during the LTN and to work on solutions to address them

Street Audits:

We know that traffic filters are not the only infrastructure needed to make our streets better for walking and cycling. We are running targeted sessions with specific user groups to understand what other measures are needed to improve the walking and cycling experience.

The final list of measures is still being developed but could include:

  • More accessible crossing points
  • Removal of street clutter (e.g. posts, railings and other obstructions)
  • Signage to help visitors get around
  • Re-surfacing
  • Seating and places to rest
  • Play features
  • Street art
  • Improved lighting
  • Extend CCTV coverage
  • Trees and planting

Students from local schools St Stephens, Wyvil, Henry Fawcett and Lilian Baylis have helped contribute their ideas and hopes for the area. We have also been in contact with all other local schools and are hoping to engage with more students in the near future!