What's happening now?


What's happening now?

The Oval LTN is going to become a permanent scheme within the area. The current planters and signage are temporary and will be replaced with a series of different permanent features. These features will be built in phases, across the area. 

 Filter Upgrades:

The first upgrades will begin in Spring 2022. The location where work will take place is Richborne Terrace. 

  • Widened pavements & space for people to sit
  • More plants & better water drainage
  • Safe, accessible crossings with tactile paving

We will be doing more community engagement and co-design before starting the second phase of works in other locations in the summer of 2022.

Street Audits:

We know that traffic filters are not the only infrastructure needed to make our streets better for walking and cycling. We are running targeted sessions with specific user groups to understand what other measures are needed to improve the walking and cycling experience.

The final list of measures is still being developed but could include:

  • More accessible crossing points
  • Removal of street clutter (e.g. posts, railings and other obstructions)
  • Signage to help visitors get around
  • Re-surfacing
  • Seating and places to rest
  • Play features
  • Street art
  • Improved lighting
  • Extend CCTV coverage
  • Trees and planting

This engagement phase has finished

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