Community projects in the LTN


Improving places in the LTN

Street Design Competition:

The Your Streets, Your Way competition looked to harness the creativity of residents by asking them to transform their local environment. The competition sought a community-led vision to improve the borough for both people and the planet. In Oval, two locations were selected that community members were asked to submit design proposals for:

  • Dovet Court, Mursell Estate
  • Claylands Path, Ashmole Estate
  • Dorset Road (withdrawn due to planned redevelopment and  it has now been moved to the Bridge Estate, Palfrey Place)

Dovet Court, Mursell Estate:  

The winning design for Dovet Court has been developed by InUse, ReUse in collaboration with the winner, local people and the Tenants and Residents Association (TRA). The design comprises of wooden seating, arches and planters to bring the court to life and make it an enjoyable space. 

Claylands Way, Ashmole Estate

The winning design comprises of a mural which celebrates the lives of 6 important women from Lambeth:

  • Angela Carter – English novelist
  • Claudia Jones – Journalist and communist activist
  • Lilian Baylis – Theatrical producer and manager
  • Margaret Lockwood – Actress and film star
  • Olive Morris – Community leader and activist
  • Violette Szabo – Special operations executive agent

The mural will be created on the path using thermoplastic materials.