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Low Traffic Neighbourhoods Update 23/04/2021

This is an update from the Low Traffic Neighbourhood team at Lambeth Council.

Question and Answer Sessions:

We held our first Question and Answer Session for the Oval to Stockwell Low Traffic Neighbourhood on Monday 19th April.

Thank you to everyone who attended and for all the questions and feedback submitted. The content for the meeting will be made available on the commonplace.

We will follow up with details for the next session in May 2021.

Your streets, your way:

We are incredibly excited with the response to our first design competition ‘Your streets, your way’. The deadline was Monday 19th April and we are currently collating all the entries ready for judging. We look forward to updating you on the winners and sharing the fantastic designs we have received.

Over the borough: 20mph Banners

In April 2016, the speed limit on Lambeth's roads was reduced to 20mph. In March 2021, new and colourful banners were introduced across the borough to continue to remind drivers to monitor their speed.

Installed at over 150 sites across Lambeth, these banners provide a strong visual impact, raising awareness and reminding drivers that the speed limit of 20mph is the law.

20mph Banner

Posted on 23rd April 2021

by JM