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Low Traffic Neighbourhoods Update 19/03/2021

Hi residents,

This is our second bi-weekly update on Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN)s. We want to let you know what we've been doing and anything you should look out for/ sign-up to in the coming weeks regarding the respective LTNs. The London Mayoral and Greater London Assembly Elections are due be held on 6 May 2021. As a result the pre-election rules on publicity (PERP) will be in place across the Council from 22 March 2021 to 6 May 2021. We will still be updating you on details in your area but the content may be reduced in this period.

Street design competition

Your Streets, Your Way is Lambeth’s street design competition which aims to provide an amazing opportunity for local people to lead on how their streets are designed and created.

We are looking for your ideas to create a healthier, greener city. There are 10 locations across Lambeth:

  1. Bedford House
  2. Claylands Road
  3. Dorset Road Shops Mural
  4. Fairview Place
  5. Hillside Passage
  6. Holmewood x Roupell Estate
  7. Livity School Passage
  8. Mursell Estate and Undercroft
  9. Somerleyton Passage
  10. St Matthew’s Road

A winner will be announced in each location, receive £750 and will have their design built!*

There will also be a £500 cash prize for the Judge’s Choice and a £200 Runner Up cash prize for each location. The competition will be judged by people that work every day to make your neighbourhood the best place it can be. They will be looking for a community-led vision that will improve the area for both people and the planet.

For more information please read the competition guidance at:


*under 18s will receive a £100 gift voucher in agreement with their parent/guardian.

Many Different Voices

Our Many Different Voices workshops kicked off this week introducing young people to the principles of urban design and the many different careers available with skills in research and design.

The competition remains open to all Lambeth residents aged 13-18, with the chance to win a skills training course with professional urban research and architecture studio DSDHA, £100 vouchers and limited edition Brixton Pound prints.

Get help with your idea/entry from professional architects at the next online workshop by emailing Ed@headstarted.co.uk

Oval LTN Stage 1 Monitoring:

Early results from our Stage 1 Monitoring Report are in and include the findings below:

• Car traffic is down by 17% within the LTN

• Overall vehicle counts on South Lambeth Road (A205) have increased by 2%

• Overall vehicle counts on Clapham Road (A3) have increased by 1%

• Cycling is up by 34% across the LTN

Supporting you to walk and cycle:

Great News!! The “Bike it You Can too” Project run by Sustrans is coming this Spring. To find out more register your interest and fill out a short survey. Scan the QR code or visit: https://sustrans.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/cycling-in-the-oval-stockwell-traingle

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Posted on 19th March 2021

by JM